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Aconite's Icons

like the whipped cream on top of fandom

Icons by aconite
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ONE; me
Hi, I'm aconite. I like photoshop, I have no life, and I get bored easily. This is the result.

Currently I don't have a FAQ up so you are free to ask me any questions you would usually find in an icon FAQ thing.
However, please don't leave me comments in my personal journal asking about things pertaining to this journal. If you do; you will be ignored.
TWO; rules
Crediting is easy and it's a way to let other people know where you got the pretty icon.

See? Easy.

I know a lot of people don't leave comments when taking an icons/brush/whatever but it's a nice thing to do and I really appreciate them.

DON'T DO IT. Click Here if you don't know why hotlinking is wrong.
THREE; and the rest
Resources By Others 
Resources By Me
(not yet up)
What I've done so far
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